Rothamsted Research Strategy Report 2017—2022

"Vincent Design broke the mould, and came up with a design that continues to look fresh, exciting and relevant."

Rothamsted is the longest running agricultural research station in the world, providing cutting-edge science and innovation for 175 years.

The institute needed their Strategy Report to be relevant and engaging to demonstrate their new, evolving approach to the complex food and farming issues that affect us all. This key piece of literature had to convey sophisticated ideas in ways that appealed to the widest range of stakeholders; and it needed to make each and every person in the organisation proud of what they were doing and where it is going.

Using elegant typography and a series of infographics the key messages where presented in a bold and interesting way. And stunning full-bleed photography helped punctuated the document providing a strong visual narrative which sat alongside the aspirational tone of voice which the content adopted. This all lead to a compelling read which bucks the trend of these often quite text-heavy strategic reports.


Use of a mirror foil blocking effect on the front cover was chosen to emphasis the importance of this piece of literature and provide a sophisticated nod to the future.