Podplus brand refresh

Podplus is an established sports shop and injury clinic, and a brilliant family business founded by two siblings. Together they’ve built a great reputation within the well-being / exercise community in Kent. So whether you walk, run, take classes or go to the gym, the Podplus team are on-hand as a unique independent “one-stop-shop” business to inspire and support our active communities long-term.

Kate and Tom got in contact with us at Vincent Design to help re-think their brand which had become somewhat tired and in need of some TLC. We started the process by talking to the larger team about what made Podplus different from its competitors and special. This proved a really engaging exercise, and enabled us to create the positioning  (Vision, mission, brand values and personality), and go on to write a comprehensive design brief.

Our creative aim was clear from the very get-go – to establish a modern look and feel which appeals to the various target audiences to widening their already strong customer base.

It has become clear throughout the Covid-19 pandemic that our well-being must be higher up all our priority lists. And this is something Podplus are well-positioned to capitalise upon by raising their profile and brand awareness.

The business was started at the Julie Rose stadium in Ashford, but recently expanded by launching a second retail presence in Cranbrook High Street in July 2021.

“Vincent Design took on my request to rebrand our 15 year old business – we were expanding and it was an opportunity to make a positive change during Covid, and update our image to reflect our business as we stand now in 2021.

The whole process was a valuable evaluation to eek out our core business ethos, and key messages by involving our staff too. Vincent Design were then able to present ideas that really reflected our desire to refresh our look and feel.

Its been hugely exciting and our end result is bringing smiles, and welcoming so many more people into our Podplus family with a friendly, welcoming, yet professional look.

We’ve implemented the new brand across our shopfront, digital and print assets, popup event set-up and more. Its been a huge influence on all our design decisions and we love it!”

Kate Austen, Podplus  Founder