Paula Carr Diabetes Trust brand refresh and website

Paula Carr Diabetes Trust is a well-known Kent charity which was started back in 1989 and was named in memory of a young girl called Paula Carr whose family have supported the charity since the beginning. They provide high quality diabetes services and support across the county.

The Trust asked us to re-invigorate the visual identity and help position them as a concerned, caring friend who supports, helps and educates patients and their families with a simple ethos of “You don’t have to suffer alone”.

A positive upbeat visual style was created including a warm handwritten logo,  bright colourful palette and a series of friendly illustrations by Andrew Torrens to increase awareness of diabetes generally, but also unify everyone internally (trustees, staff and donors) and give them the marketing tools to create engaging communications which get the organisation noticed and remembered.

The project was led by our web partners DewarGreen (who have considerable experience in the healthcare sector) to deliver a fully-responsive site to attract patients who need support, and provide information and valuable reassurance during the gap between when they are diagnosed and when they get one-to-one advice on how to manage the disease.