Morghew Park / Potato Shop brand refresh

Morghew Park Estate can trace its history back to 968AD, during the reign of King Edgar, arguably the first King of all England.

It is an agricultural estate which supports a flourishing community and range of businesses offering the produce from its fertile and beautifully unspoilt landscape.

Having developed a strong Potato Shop business with a reputation for growing a variety of exotic, heritage or conventional potatoes – over twenty varieties per year on the 35 acres of arable land – the owners decided it was the right time to establish the profile of Morghew aligning it with the Potato brand.

The creative task started with the creation of an elegant, overarching Morghew Estate logotype to firmly establish the estates location in Tenterden, Kent. This along with the other important brand assets including an earthy colour palette were developed to elevate the brand, and a bold typeface was chosen to add personality and stand out in the competitive UK food producer market.

As part of the implementation of the new brand the design of signage, packaging and livery were commissioned.