Signs of our Times

On our travels we often come across weird and wonderful signs or “wayfinding systems”, which sometimes raise a smile. And most often the handmade low-fi ones prove to be the best.




The one below was recently found whilst visiting the new Olympic stadium in Stratford (we particularly liked the bold, simple use of icons and slightly throw together layout).




But it does also poses a more fundamental question about the quality and value of graphic designers work nowadays. And if the average person on the street walking along looking at his or her Facebook feed usually, or answering their emails has the most critical eye?

A doctor friend of Vincent Design recently won an OBE for her amazing work helping to contain the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa, and this clearly puts what you do into perspective. But within the developed world good communication (and design generally), is undoubtedly taken for granted.

Our challenge as graphic designers and clients is to ensure the work we create together doesn’t just add to the visual fluff and noise which simply washes over us daily. But instead cuts through and engages with people in a more emotional and authentic way. Which is easier said than done, that’s for sure.

We continue to encourage our clients to be braver with their comms whether that be a piece of printed collateral or when totally re-thinking their branding. That’s where we earn our corn obviously! Coming up with great ideas which will surprise and resonate.

Because the audience is already increasingly sophisticated, and often a moving target, hence why a big red sign with a big arrow does have it’s time and place — for delivering maximum impact and clarity of message. This same objective should surely be part of every brief being written in 2016 and beyond?